Passport for minors

Request of new DIGITAL PASSPORT for minors – ONLY IN OTTAWA

Appointment required. To request an appointment please call 613-562-2855 ext 221 or send an e-mail to


  1. Both parents must attend the appointment with the minor.
  2. In case that one of the parents is not in Canada, the parent who is not able to attend the appointment, must go to the Immigration Direction in Costa Rica, or to another Costa Rican Consulate, to authorize the issuance of the passport, prior to the appointment at Ottawa Consulate.
  3. Both parents must present on the day of the appointment the valid and original Costa Rican ID, and in case of foreign parents, they must present a valid passport.
  4. Birth certificate (with no more than one year of issuance) or the Minor Identity Card issued by the Civil Registry.
  5. Expired passport and photocopy of the page with personal information, when applicable.
  6. If the application for new passport is due to theft, loss or destruction, you must submit the police complaint or the “Declaration of theft, loss or retention” form.
  7. Formulario de registro consular debidamente completado.
  8. Receipt of deposit for US$108 at Bank of Montreal, account N°0005-4608-520, “Embassy of Costa Rica, Consular Services”.  Cash payments are not accepted at the Consulate.

The passport will be ready in approximately four weeks from the day of request, and can be claimed personally by the parents of the applicant at the Consulate of sent via registered mail or courier paid by the applicant’s parents.

The digital passport has a validity of six years and cannot be revalidated.


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