Registration of children of Costa Rican citizens born abroad

If you are a born Costa Rican citizen and your child(ren) were born in Canada, you can register them to have Costa Rican citizenship. The process varies according to the age of your children at the moment of registration.  If is under 18 years old, the declaration must be done by the Costa Rica(n) parent(s). If you wish to make the registration, review the following to options to do it:

  • The Costa Rican parent, who is planning to travel to Costa Rica, could do the process personally at the Civil Registry. In order to do that, the Birth Certificate has to be legalized by the Costa Rican Consulate, then it has to be authenticated at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Costa Rica, and officially translated into Spanish (refer to section Legalization of Documents for full details for legalization process). Finally, the documents have to be submitted at the Civil Registry personally by the parents, in order to continue the process of inscription as Costa Rican citizen.
  • The second option is to request to start the process of inscription at the Consulate. In this case the parents have to be present at the Consulate to make a birth declaration, submitting the Canadian Birth Certificate, valid Identity Card of Costa Rican parents; or valid passport in case that one of the parents is foreigner. This process of inscription is free of charge. 

If the interested person to be registered as Costa Rican citizen is between 18 and 24 years old, the declaration must be done by him/her. As in the previous case, the interested person have two options to request the registration, either to do it directly in Costa Rica (for which the Birth Certificate must be legalized, see legalization section), or request an appointment at the Consulate to make de birth declaration.

If the birth declaration is made by the interested person after 25 years old, the birth may be registered, but the Costa Rican citizenship is not granted.  For that, the interested person must request a naturalization procedure, at the Civil Registry in Costa Rica.


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