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Canadian citizens do not need visa to enter Costa Rica. However, to enter the country they have to present:

1) a valid passport;

2) prove economic solvency of at least US$100 per month of legal permanence in the country;

3) a ticket to exit Costa Rica and;

4) not having an impediment of entry into the country.

Not all people who wish to travel to Costa Rica need a tourist visa, this will depend on the nationality, purpose of visit, country of residence and duration of stay.

The visa does not guarantee entry to Costa Rica as it depends on the immigration officer upon arrival. 

Please check the following groups of countries, in order to determine if you need a visa.

First Group. Nationals of countries listed in the First Group are authorized the entry into Costa Rica, without consular visa, and for a maximum stay up to 90 days. (click here to view group )

Second Group. Nationals of countries listed in the Second Group are authorized the entry into Costa Rica, without Consular Visa, and for a maximum stay up to 30 day.(click here to view group )

Third Group. Nationals of the countries listed in the Third Group are authorized the entry into Costa Rica, with Consular Visa, and for a maximum stay up to 30 days. The Consular Visa must be requested at Consulate of the country of origin.(click here to view group )

Fourth Group. Consulted and restricted visa.(click here to view group )

For the nationals of group 3 and 4 countries that need a visa to enter Costa Rica, exceptions apply in the following cases:

  1. Nationals of countries listed in the Third and Fourth Group who have a multiple entry visa (tourist visa, a visa for crew members or a business visa) to enter the United States (exclusively visa types B1-B2, visa type D or visa C1/D of multiple entries), Canada (exclusively multiple entry visa), stamped in their passport may enter Costa Rica without a consular visa. The maximum stay will not be longer than the validity of the visa and will not exceed 30 days.
  2. Nationals of countries listed in the Third Group and Fourth Group who have a legal permanence that allows multiple entries, and with a minimum validity of at least six months in the United States of America, Canada, and the countries of the European Union, are exempted from Consular Visa to enter Costa Rica. The six month validity period will be counted from the day of entry into Costa Rica. The maximum stay authorized will be 30 days and the passport must be at least six months valid. Those nationals, who don’t have the minimum required residence of six months, can apply for a Consular Visa in the corresponding country. This exception is not applicable to people with permanent legal residence as refugee, in which case a Consulted Visa has to be requested.

Note: All documents of legal stay shall contain the security measures established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Hand written documents, single papers, documents that indicate that the residency is being processed or altered documents, will not be accepted. It is mandatory that the documents must contain an apostilled or legalized official translation into the Spanish language. In case of having a translation into the English language, it will be at the discretion of the Costa Rican migratory authority to allow the entry to national territory. For the specific case of Canada, as proof of legal permanence it shall be presented the permanent resident card or the Canadian multiple entry visa, duly stamped in the valid passport that will be used to enter Costa Rica, where it is indicated the type of legal permanence granted. It will not be considered to this effect, the work permit or study permit slips stapled in the passport.

If your case is not covered by the previous information, please send us your specific enquiry to:

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