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Young Professionals Category

This category is designed for young professional Canadian citizens, including post-secondary graduates, who wish to obtain working experience, training and career development in Costa Rica, under a pre-arranged contract of employment (maximum 12 months).

Qualifying requirements:

  1. Be a Canadian citizen, between the ages of 18 and 35 inclusive.
  2. Be in possession of a departure ticket leaving Costa Rica at the end of your authorized period of stay.
  3. Have the equivalent to CAD$2.500 to help cover your expenses at the beginning of your stay.
  4. Not be accompanied by dependants.
  5. Provide a clean Canadian Police Certificate.
  6. Show that you have obtained either a pre-arranged contract of employment, or a work placement in Costa Rica.
  7. Accept to purchase insurance for health care, including hospitalization and repatriation, for the duration of their authorized stay prior to arriving in the host country.
  8. Have not participated in the Young Professional category before. After completing the year in Costa Rica and returning to Canada, participants have to wait 3 months before submitting a new application that will only be considered for a different category.


Process of Application to participate in the Young Professionals Category

This process of application has two main steps:


Step I. Visa application
The visa application is a personal procedure, for which you have to make an appointment in advance at the Consulate of Costa Rica in Ottawa, the Consulate of Costa Rica in Toronto, or the Honorary Consulate of Costa Rica in Vancouver. The appointment must be requested to the following e-mail, as applicable:;

The day of the appointment, the applicant must submit the following documents:

  1. Written request of a Provisional Visa Special Category for Canadian citizens under the Memorandum of Understanding concerning Youth Mobility, in the category of Young Professional, signed before the Consul, and stating the intention and interests to participate in the program. Such request must include the following information about the applicant: Full name, nationality, profession, date and place of birth, estimated date of arrival to Costa Rica, passport number, validity and type.
  2. Contract of employment from a Costa Rican employer accrediting the applicant as a specific occupation worker, professional or specialized technician, as applicable, indicating the name of the employer, address and other relevant contact information, the job title of the position being offered, job description , duties and terms of employment, including salary, normal working hours, and duration of the contract.
  3. Birth Certificate and Criminal Record Check for legalization. Please review section “Legalization of Documents” to have the documents properly authenticated by the corresponding Canadian authorities before coming to the Consulate.
  4. Both documents will be legalized and given back to the applicant. The applicant will take both documents to Costa Rica, to finish the procedure to have a temporary residence.

    Both documents legalized by the Consulate must be taken to the Authentication Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Costa Rica (venue 7-9, Streets 11-13, San José, Costa Rica), for authentication of Consul’s signature.  Documents issued in other language than Spanish to be valid in Costa Rica must be translated by an official translator.  The list of official translators is available at the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Costa Rica.

  5. Valid Canadian Passport for the whole period of stay in Costa Rica.
  6. Recent certification (no more than one month of issuance) to prove you have enough funds (CAD$2500) to cover your expenses at the beginning or your stay in Costa Rica.
  7. One recent passport photo
  8. Fill-in a Visa Request Form the day of the appointment at the Consulate.
  9. Any other document that consular authority considers necessary to verify the application.
  10. Proof of deposit of corresponding consular fees for a total of US$112.00 (US$40.00 each document; US$30.00 for the Visa consular fee; and US$2.00 for the tax meter machine maintenance consular fee)
    • CONSULATE GENERAL IN OTTAWA AND HONORARY CONSULATE IN VANCOUVER: Bank of Montreal, N°0005-4608-520 “Embassy of Costa Rica, Consular Services”
    • CONSULATE GENERAL IN TORONTO: Bank of Montreal N° 0389 4785-814. “Consulate General of Costa Rica in Toronto”.
    • If paying by wire transfer an additional amount of $US14,00 must be deposited due to bank charges.

    Provided all requirements are met, and according to the evaluation of the Consular officials in each particular case, the Provisional Visa Special Category for Canadian Citizens under de Memorandum of Understanding concerning Youth Mobility and an Administrative Resolution will be issued.

    When due to reasons of distance, you are not able to come to the Consulate to apply for the Provisional Visa Special Category for Canadian citizens, please contact-us to provide more information on how to proceed, in each particular case.

Step II.  Temporary Residence Application
Once you are in Costa Rica, you must continue the process to get a temporary residence at the General Direction of Immigration in San José, Costa Rica, where the applicant will request the temporary residency under one of the following categories: specific occupation workers, professionals, or specialized technician, as appropriate. Please review Section “Temporary Residence and Special Categories” to find a detailed list of requirements for applications, by category.

Below you will find the main requirements that you must present to the General Direction of Immigration to process your temporary residence:

  1. Written request to the Director General of Immigration Costa Rica, by the Employer, to get a temporary resident or special category as specific occupation worker, professional, or specialized technician, whichever is applicable, stating the intention and interest to have the worker.  Such written request must include the following applicant’s information: Full name, nationality, profession, date and place of birth, passport number, validity and type, and an authorized contact point to receive notifications.
  2. Legal Identification of the company that requests the working permit for the foreigner, with no more than three months of issuance.
  3. Certified true copies of all passports’ pages or presentation of the original passport and a copy to be confronted by the official who receives de applications.
  4. Birth certificate legalized and translated into Spanish by an official translator.
  5. Criminal Record legalized and stating not being condemned in the country of origin or any other country of residence in the last three years, and translated into Spanish by an official translator.
  6. Proof of register of the Digital print at the Police Archive at the Ministry of Public Security of Costa Rica.
  7. Two recent Passport photos.
  8. Incorporation to the corresponding Professionals College of Costa Rica, when required.
  9. When required, a recommendation from the Ministry of Labour and Social Security of Costa Rica must be submitted, stating that the foreigner won’t displace national or resident labour force.
  10. Proof of inscription in the Consular Registry of the Embassy of Canada in Costa Rica.
  11. Proof of affiliation to the Costa Rican Social Security System (Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social).
  12. Pay the corresponding fees established by the Immigration Law.
  13. Any other requirement that the Immigration Direction of Immigration establishes during the process of residence application.
  14. Complete the affiliation form available at the web site of the Direction of Immigration


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