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The Bilateral Agreement between Costa Rica and Canada on Youth Mobility promotes the opportunities for young citizens of both countries to travel for a period of one year, in order to complement their post-secondary education, to obtain employment or practical workplace experience, or to improve their knowledge of the other country’s language, culture and society.
If you are a Canadian citizen, between 18 and 35 years old, you could participate in this program, under one of the three following categories:


  1. Young Professionals. This category is designed for young professional Canadian citizens, including post-secondary graduates, who wish to obtain working experience, training and career development in Costa Rica, under a pre-arranged contract of employment.
  2. Internship: This category is designed for young Canadian citizens who are registered students at a post-secondary institution in Canada, and who intend to complete part of their academic curriculum in Costa Rica, by doing a pre-arranged internship or work placement, including in the context of an inter-institutional arrangement between post-secondary institutions.
  3. Working Holidays. This category is designed for young Canadian citizens, including registered students, who intend to travel in Costa Rica and to work to supplement their financial resources.
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