Frusting love and honeymoon end. Life begins, full of disappointment and household problems. Family therapists discovered seven reasons why women are unhappy with their marriage.

Perhaps you often get tired and feel irritation, sometimes you do not want to go home, and that’s why.

1. You have to do everything yourself

The husband jokingly calls you a “super -woman”, but even superheroes need rest. Men rarely realize how hard it is to combine the work and raising of children.

“If a woman is trying to be a bona fide worker and a caring mother, a conflict almost always arises. Either she works a lot and deprives the attention of children, or is engaged in a child, but she suffers a career, ”explains psychologist Ryan Hawz.

2. You need time for yourself

It disappears with the advent of children, but does not cease to be necessary for both parents. “A woman’s care is important for the well -being of the family, and the modern woman is overloaded,” complains the family therapist Talya Wagner.

3. The husband does not pay attention to children

In most families, mom is engaged in children. She makes lessons with them, carries to additional classes and to the doctor, takes care of nutrition and appearance. “Think about how to make life easier. You can take a walk with your child in the evening or prepare lunch for a family on Sunday. Show interest in what your children do, ”says psychologist Lorel Steinberg.

4. There is no more romance in the relationship

Family life is not a reason to forget about romance. “The memories of what the relationship with a partner was immediately after meeting, they make a woman look at the marriage in a new way. It begins to seem to her that she was used, ”explains Talya Wagner. She advises occasionally to invite the nanny and walk somewhere together.

5. No balance between life and work

Men are more interested in work itself, for a woman, this is often only a necessary component to maintain a normal life.

“Men need to tell wives more about projects and the boss, but about how work can affect the life of the family,” says Ryan Hawz.

6. You feel like a project manager

Some men do not even think about why everything is so well arranged in their house. They perceive hot dinners, clean floor and excellent children for granted. However, all this is the result of a woman’s daily work.

“Often thanks to a woman, family life becomes a single well -established mechanism. There is a lot of information in her head. She

Presque de la même manière, comme des femmes condamnées précédemment qui ont reçu du plaisir du sexe, condamnent maintenant ceux qui ne reçoivent pas ce désir. Sans oublier le fait que la raison ne peut pas être dans la physiologie d’une femme, mais dans un amoureux inepte ou qu’il est trop médicament pour érection Seule une femme peut décider si elle est mauvaise du fait qu’elle ne veut pas de sexe, ni sa fonctionnalité qui lui convient parfaitement.

knows where to find her husband’s tie, when it is time to pay bills, which suit is sewn on a matinee in kindergarten. She masterfully controls the life of the family and solves the problems of her husband and children on the go. But she dreams of having a husband to free her from a small part of responsibility, ”Talya Wagner thinks.

7. You stopped communicating

This is not about the phrases “what we have for dinner today?”Or” You will take a child from gymnastics?”. Thanks to modern technologies, we effectively exchange information, but do not really communicate.

“Women are more sociable and talkative, messages do not help them when real support is needed,” Ryan Hawz assures Ryan Haw. To preserve close relations, spouses need to spend at least a few minutes alone every day.