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Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Costa Rica in Canada.

Costa Rica and Canada share values and principles including its commitment to democracy and defence and promotion of human rights and peace. Bilateral relations are focused in the strengthening of such values and principles at the international and hemispheric level.   Trade relations between both countries are based on the Free Trade Agreement in force since 2002, which is currently being modernized, in order to create more opportunities and mutual benefits. Cooperation, culture, education and tourism are also important pillars in the bilateral relations.

We invite you to explore this web site which provides information about investment, trade and tourism in Costa Rica.

You will also find relevant information regarding consular services for Costa Rican citizens, as well as the procedures for the legalization of documents, visas, and residences, among others.

Thanks for visiting and exploring our website!

Costa Rica


The Embassy of Costa Rica promotes and defends the interests of Costa Rica in Canada in areas such as trade, investment, environment, tourism, culture and education, as well as the interests of Costa Rican citizens in Canada.

The foreign policy of Costa Rica is based on the principles of respect of human rights, promotion of democracy, peace and disarmament in our region and in the world, and the promotion and protection of the environment and sustainable development.

With those principles as the framework of our foreign policy, the Embassy of Costa Rica in Canada promotes five main objectives:

Environmental Protection and Climate change action.

To strengthen the collaboration between Canada and Costa Rica in multilateral fora, as well as to promote best practices and technological exchange to develop sustainable cities, powered by clean energy, while protecting our environment and biodiversity.

Innovation And Education

To encourage innovation and education through academic, scientific and cultural exchanges between Canada and Costa Rica.

Economic And Commercial Diplomacy

Costa Rica offers important possibilities and potential for investment in strategic sectors. The Embassy promotes and contributes with the efforts of national institutions in this objective, by means of continuous work with the business community from the different provinces of Canada.

Social Inclusion And Gender Equality.

To promote social inclusion, gender equality and empowerment of women as pillars to achieve the sustainable development goals.

Peace And Security

Support and contribute with multilateral and bilateral efforts towards peace, stability and security in the region.

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